How much should I spend on Bridal Shower Prizes?

The traditional Bachelor’s Party or Stag Night for the groom usually brings to mind a time when his friends get together to say “adios” to his bachelorhood. A night filled with drinking and rumors of reckless behavior. In comparison the Bridal Shower brings to mind a devoted bride-to-be preparing for marriage and gratefully receiving gifts from friends and family. When comparing these two traditions, it is clear that there is something special about bridal showers.

Bridal showers signify the pinnacle of a single woman’s life. They’re just there on the transition to marriage. Bridal showers stand at the precipice, chronologically, of a soon-to-be-married woman’s life. They’re the time when old friends can get together, share drinks, and think about the old times. They’re the time to give heartfelt gifts to the bride to help her in her new married life. This is girls’ time, make no mistake about it. Men are not usually present. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned chick flick is watched at the end of the celebration. All the while, the husband is in the other room cooking up refreshments and appetizers for the bridal shower troops. Troops is not too far off in terms of meaning because the bridal shower is usually composed of committed, firm bridesmaids that have done everything to assure a great bridal shower party. A bridal shower, however, wouldn’t even exist without bridal shower invitations.

This bridal shower game is pretty cool game to play to get the party started. First of all, either write on a piece of paper and make photocopies or type and print a list of questions concerning the bride (favorite color, favorite food, where she met groom, what she’s scared of, what her dream car is, name she wants her first child to have, dream vacation, etc.). Pass a copy out to each bridal shower guest and set a time limit. The person with the most correct answers when time runs out is the winner! Fun to see who really knows the bride!

It’s not hard to plan the perfect event, and if the bride asked you to play hostess, she knows you’ll do a great job seeing the party from start to finish, coming up with fun shower ideas that keep the event exciting. Though it may take some planning (and coordination with the bride), use inspiration from the bride herself – note her likes, needs, interests, and personality. But most importantly, if you make the event fun with engaging games, delicious refreshments, and personalized bridal shower favors and keep everyone laughing, mingling, and interacting, your many shower ideas are sure to pay off and ensure a fun time for both the guests and the bride herself.

Favors are not a requirement, but they are a fun way to share your wedding day memories. Bridal shower favors are often personalized with the name of the bride, or of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. The most precious favors are those that celebrate the bride’s personal style and incorporate the theme of the party. The favors, which serve as small mementos for each of your party guests, should also fit the theme. The selection of party favors is endless. Just remember, the favors you choose should be feminine, elegant, and practical.

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