2019 Wedding Spring and Summer Color Trends

That’s right, wedding season is upon us. So raise your glass because it's time to break out the bubbly! And yes, we are here to share this years spring and summer color trends. Let's get started!

Champagne and navy blue wedding colors

Soft blush, Navy, Sea Mist and Champagne

Pretty pink meets navy blue. Colors that exudes absolute romance! Imagine these soft tones for a breezy summer day wedding, this chic color combo incorporates mellow neutral hues that create a flawless mix of pretty-meets-preppy. Whether a garden-boho or modern wedding style—this palette offers timeless appeal and is dynamic across nearly any wedding theme.


evergreen and coral wedding colors

Coral, Pink Glass, Evergreen, Blue Fog, Olive

Coral reminds me of a beautiful sunset on a summer evening, it offers depth that is truly intoxicating. Coral and light pink incorporated with refreshing greens and blues are great for a late-spring or summer soirée, this palette creates a sense of freshness while still being sophisticated.


Teal Waters, Antique Sage, Mint, Ivory

Teal Waters, Antique Sage, Mint, Ivory

The inspiration to this palette? Think breezy seaside on a hot summer day!

Teal and neutrals keep it modern and minimal. Teal adds a unique pop of color to any summer celebration! Bold and vivid, when accented with subtle greens and ivory. This combo overflows with beauty!


Antique Blue, Serene Sky, Parchment, Peach, Terracotta

Antique Blue, Serene Sky, Parchment, Peach, Terracotta

Yes, you can say we’re a little obsessed! This is another palette inspired by the coastal waters. Dreamy and serene, this color combo captures the magic of an approaching summer evening. There’s something about this cool-meets-warm color combo that will paint a picture-perfect summer wedding. Even if you’re not by the water!


Blue Fog, Antique Blue, Clover Green wedding colors

Blue Fog, Antique Blue, Clover Green

You can almost feel the balmy breeze in the mountains with this cool, subdued color palette! Organic blues and foliage-based green together create a restful aura, guaranteed to surround a summer wedding in romance. This color palette is lovely across a variety of wedding themes, too! We love the elegant, outdoorsy, and slightly vintage ambiance of it but see these colors looking beautiful with modern wedding décor, too. Dress it up or down for a magical wedding indeed.


With so many beautiful color palette, we hope you find the right combination for your wedding, so let's get planning! We’ll see you in our next blog!


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