Top 2023 wedding trends, according to experts

Top 2023 wedding trends, according to experts

Of all the things to plan, weddings are, by far, one of the most intricate, celebratory and Pinterest-inspired events that’ll be cherished and remembered for years to come.

While wedding trends come and go, there are a few cemented that we can bet our life savings won’t ever change: a white (or off-white) gown, a good suit, lots of dancing and lots of photo-taking.

However, we turned to a wedding expert to highlight the top 2023 wedding trends predicted to hit everyone’s Instagram feed, along with sharing our top products and services to help guide your wedding registry (and everything else, from start to finish).

“We dubbed 2022 The Wedding Boom — 2.6 million couples said I do,” Lauren Kay, executive editor of The Knot — with more than 10 years of experience in the wedding industry — told the New York Post in recapping this year’s hottest moments. “We saw a real level of intentionality in every celebration, with couples choosing vendors with like-minded values, having more intimate celebrations and treating their guests to multi-day celebrations filled with thoughtful details.”

What’s more, the overall vibe was more relaxed with nods to all the Netflix we binged during quarantine (ahem, Bridgerton), single servings of comfort foods and lots of celebrating alfresco, Kay adds.

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2023 wedding trends, according to a wedding expert

Ahead, Kay highlights the top bridal trends that are making their way into 2023:

  • An emergence of outdoor celebrations: Outdoor celebrations continue to be popular with indoor/outdoor venues taking top billing. Villas are the buzzword among global wedding planners with Italy being the most desired destination for I dos.
  • Natural settings with brilliant views: Natural settings with beautiful views are also popular (think Mountain vistas), and the perfect backdrop for bigger design trends around modern style with wood, and textured florals. Western vibes are also trending for bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings, with couples opting for ranch venues and chic cowboy details.
  • A grandiose nighttime vibe: Also dubbed the “Night Luxe vibe,” this trend is about indulging in extravagances from sequin dresses to caviar—all after the sun goes down. It’s synonymous with celebrations, making it the perfect energy for I-dos. It’s a moody vibe and a reason to class things up: flash photography, live oyster shuckers, and sparkle are all included.

2023 wedding dress trends, according to a wedding expert

If you’re a constant follower of “Say Yes to the Dress,” then you’re likely dreaming of being dressed up in white for your big day. Uniquely, the traditional dress is expected to see a revamp in 2023.

“Streamlined styles are taking a backseat to textural details (think: feathers, fringe, bows and 3-D appliqué) and bold silhouettes like ball gowns and cathedral-length trains are showing up on Bridal Fashion week runways and aisles alike,” Kay says. “Colored and printed gowns are also on the rise with brides opting for a truly unique look.”

Oh, and if you think the fashion statement ends at the wedding dress — think again. “The accessories are also extra: embellished veils, wedding capes and bridal gloves are taking ensembles to a whole new level,” Kay adds.

2023 bridesmaid dress trends, according to a wedding expert

Though bridesmaid dresses are a personal preference (and what looks good with your partner’s bridal party, too), there are some trends Kay has been seeing that are worth keeping on your radar.

“We’re seeing a big emphasis on neutral-colored (champagne, ivory, white) bridesmaid dresses, as well as luxe fabrications like satin, silk and velvet,” she notes. “Mismatched styles — whether that’s color or silhouette — continue to trend for bridesmaid dresses.”

Of all characteristics, wearability is a must, with a lean toward simple silhouettes that can be worn again.

2023 groom & groomsmen trends, according to a wedding expert

The gentlemen are showing up — and dressing to impress.

According to Kay, traditional tuxedos or statement jackets (think: velvets and jacquard fabrics and jewel tone designs) are growing in popularity. “More traditionally feminine details like lapel pins, pearl jewelry and frilly shirts are on the rise,” she adds. “For those opting for a more casual ensemble, suits in every shade of blue and green are on point.”

Rachel Marie Designs

2023 wedding invitation trends, according to a wedding expert

One thing we know for sure: Invitations will always have a place at weddings.

“We’re seeing a huge infusion of personality with witty wording, playful designs and pet cameos in both save the dates and wedding invites,” Kay shares. “Couples are pushing the envelope (pun intended) on etiquette, evolving the practice using gender-neutral titles and ditching last names for return addresses.”

What’s more, many couples are infusing their paper with shared cultures (think bilingual designs) and vibrant hues. And, As a special offering to couples, The Knot is now providing discounts on its invitations through The Knot Savings Program.

2023 unique wedding touches that are trending

Uniquely, couples are really leaning into conscious and new ways of incorporating food choices into their wedding, similar to how you’d order meal kits.

“We’ve seen a rise in Plant-Based Menusasmore and more couples are requesting plant-based it for their weddings,” Kay says. “Regardless of dietary restrictions, more guests are also requesting vegan and vegetarian foods to offer variety as well as turning to more sustainable and cost-effective options.”

Couples are also hiring private chefs to personalize their tasting menus for an unforgettable and intimate experience. “For a more budget-friendly option, there are a lot of different ways to incorporate this trend, such as creating appetizers or desserts or even rehearsal dinner meals,” Kay highlights.

2023 engagement ring trends, according to a wedding expert

As of lately, engagement ring customization is huge.

“Couples are leaning into nontraditional choices like oval shapes (a more fashion-forward take on a round brilliant), toi et moi settings and colorful stones,” Kay lists. “Chunky bands are in and yellow gold is still on the rise.”

And, if you’re wondering what about a halo?, the new take on halos is a hidden halo — Kay describes — otherwise known as a ring of diamonds that sits beneath the center stone and sparkles from the sides versus the top.

2023 wedding photography trends, according to a wedding expert

While a wedding celebration typically lasts for a few hours, your photos will last a lifetime. Kay explains how the cameras have been flashing in the wedding scene to keep in mind throughout your planning.

“TikTok gave us flash photography, blurring the lines between modern times and a dose of nostalgia,” she details. “This style of shooting allows couples to flaunt their personalities (think: paparazzi shots), especially when the flash takes on a spontaneous vibe.”

Film photography is also back, much ado to photo-editing apps like VSCO and Huji for the revival. “This look is effortlessly classic and has stood the test of time making it a great choice for weddings,” she adds.

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2023 wedding cake trends, according to a wedding expert

One of the most adored parts of wedding planning is taking your partner to a bakery to indulge in a sweet cake-tasting. With an overwhelming amount of options, Kay shares why the flavor isn’t the only aspect to look into.

“It’s less about flavor; most couples are choosing flavors they love — and more about the look of the cake,” Kay notes. “Extra grand cakes are taking center stage (I’m talking 6+ tiers), along with highly textured designs featuring brush stokes, crinkled paper and stencils.”

2023 wedding floral trends, according to a wedding expert

Florals are always a lovely touch — wedding or not — and it’s important to select in-season blooms and to keep your color palette in mind when selecting your arrangements.

“Flowers are a big trend in weddings this year and we’re seeing them come to life as swirls around cake tiers creating a waterfall-like effect,” Kay says. “Pressed flowers are also making a huge statement.”

Oh, and for your cake, opting for fresh flowers vs. handmade buttercream flowers is a cost-saving tip when it comes to wedding cakes.

This post was originally created by The New York Post.