Funlo Project

The " FUNLO Project" was created by SixthFloor's owners as a way to support local charitable organizations that are non profit. If you are planning any type of fundraising event or non profit event, contact Sixth Floor to hear more about our Funlo Project.

How does our FUNLO Project work? 
  • You must have a non profit status
  • You must have a group of 100 persons or more for your event
How much will this cost our non profit?
We understand the need to minimize all expenses when you are a non profit especially when you are trying to raise money though an event.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our FUNLO Project FREE days! Yes, that is right, we're offering YOU our venue at no cost which can be up to a few thousand dollars in savings, so that money can be kept in your organizations pocket for other expenses.
Thursday though Sunday we offer our venue at a very large discount for anyone that would like to take advantage of the "FUNLO PROJET" during peak times.

book your event today!

We hope to hear from you soon to book your next non profit event with SixthFloor, Milwaukee's only venue that gives back to the community everyday of the year!